Zipp meets customer’s needs for the highest performance, superlative quality components through innovative design and manufacturing utilizing the best material and technology available. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA and part of the SRAM group. Zipp’s unrivaled wind tunnel development process is more than just a glorified photo shoot. They start with literally dozens of non-structural SLA prototypes that can be reshaped on the spot to hone in on the fastest design. If 20 years of making carbon fiber wheels have taught us anything, it’s that aerodynamics don’t have to come at the expense of strength, durability, or comfort.

There is a definite balance of weight, wheel strength and aerodynamics that come into play when a wheel is designed. There are varying riding styles, terrain and specialties each rider will need use to determine which set of Mercury wheels is perfect for them. Be it hill climbs, crits, road races, time trials, triathlons; Mercury has designed a set of wheels perfect for you!

Over the past 26 years Steve Hed has spent his energy developing the best cycling equipment available When it comes to wheels, the end goal is simply to make them as fast as possible. It may sound easy but the journey to building the world’s fastest wheels is a complicated one. In the pursuit of speed, Steve continually pushes the envelope to its fullest; no stone is left unturned. Hed is known for building the world’s most aerodynamic wheels, a title that all wheel companies wish they could claim.  Most people do not realize that Hed goes a lot further than just aerodynamics to bring you the fastest wheels on earth. Other important issues such as tire performance, stability in crosswinds, lateral stiffness, drivetrain efficiency, durability, comfort, quality control, carbon fiber manipulation, and weight are also carefully considered. Each wheel addresses these aspects in different ways, and this is truly where the art of True Speed is born.

ENVE, by our definition, is the burning desire to get to or create the perfect solution. As we all realize this is an unobtainable goal as the world around us consistently changes, we intend to pursue and even ENVE the final destination.  Every product that bears the ENVE name is the result of this burning passion. Each rim, wheel, and component is designed with form, functionality, and beauty in mind. It is Our Culture, it is Our Goal and it will always be Our Way.