Silver Level Coaching is a great choice for those athletes seeking an increased level of coach/athlete interaction. This is the choice for athletes who demand a more in-depth coaching experience with a higher priority placed on improving knowledge, fitness, performance and race results.

How Does the Silver Coaching Program Work?

A personalized training program will be built specifically for the athlete from scratch each week. The program starts with the initial consultation in which coach and athlete discuss goals, past performances, and any and all questions regarding what the athlete would like to achieve in their sport. A medical health history and athlete profile questionnaire are given to ensure the athlete’s safety and maximize the effectiveness of the program.

The athlete will then complete a field test in which proper training zones can be established. An optional (recommended) Lactate Threshold test can be performed in conjunction with the field test for a discounted rate of $50. A weekly program will then be sent via email and adjusted and analyzed as you progress. Any heart rate or power files the athlete provides will also be meticulously analyzed weekly and adjusted into the program. To ensure the best coach/rider relationship and program effectiveness frequent to daily email contact is encouraged.

  • Unlimited contact via email for better athlete/coach feedback.
  • One coach initiated phone call a week to discuss current training.
  • Workouts delivered each week.
  • Heart rate and/or power files analyzed weekly.
  • Personalized structured coaching specific to individual’s goals.
  • Field test to establish training zones and/or discounted $50 lactate threshold test. (highly recommended)
  • Bike fitting on current bike and/or on E.X.I.T. fit cycle. ($100 value)
  • Pedal and cleat fitting. ($25 value)
  • One ride with the coach to optimize cycling efficiency, bio-mechanics, fine tune bike handling skills and discuss any questions the athlete may have.
  • Cycling specific strength and conditioning program.

Silver Coaching Pricing
$250/mo (*3 month minimum)

* A one time$75 start up fee will be added to each program for consultation, administrative, and filing work.*
*For more details or to start a program, please contact Alex at (303)-216-2000, or*