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Bike Fit

Big Ring Cycles Fit Studio

The Bike Fit Process

The perfect bike fit is at the center everything we do at Big Ring Cycles. The limitation of any bike fit system is the failure to account for various fitness levels and riding styles. We have invested in the latest fit technology and also have over 30 years of fit experience to help guide you to the perfect bicycle.

Big Ring Cycles has changed the riding experience for thousands of customers, from elite athletes to the recreational user.

The Big Ring Guru Fit Experience will:

  • Increase power
  • Optimize comfort
  • Prevent injuries
  • Maximize the capabilities of the bike
  • Increase ride time
  • Increase enjoyment on the bike
  • Asses individual needs

A Big Ring Cycles bike fit is the best investment an individual can make to improve their cycling experience.  Even a master bike fitter can not fit themselves; so why would you? This is truly a life changing experience.

Bike Fit Prices

Bike Finder       $100
Our most economical fit, this gives you basic information that will tell you what size bicycle will fit you.
Included with the purchase of a new bike from us!

Big Ring Cycles Signature Fit      $150
This fit is optimized and applied to your current bicycle, letting you fine tune your ride and enjoy your bike even more!

GURU Professional Fit      $300
This covers every aspect of a bicycle fit from head to toe, which includes cleat fitting, A-Line measurement, digital body scan, saddle assessment, handlebar assessment, dynamic fit optimization, and application of the fit to an existing or new bicycle. 

If you would like to set up a fit appointment, call us at 303-216-2000, or email us.