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Custom Builds 

What if you could customize your bike from the geometry to the components to the paint? 
At Big Ring's Custom Works Lab, if you can dream it, we can bring it to life.

Parlee Custom

(aka #myparlee)

Parlee understands that the most important aspect of the custom bike-building process is communication between rider the fitter and the builder.  
Custom Fit 
Parlee can alter frame geometry by as little as 0.1-degree of angularly and one millimeter linearly. This accommodates virtually any rider type and riding style.

Full custom geometry is available on Parlee's Z-Zero, Z-Zero DISC, Z-Zero XD (CX, Gravel or Commuter spec),  Z1, Z2, Z3, Track, platforms. And all custom designs are created using Parlee's proprietary Computer-Aided-Design system, which models all rider contact points and aligns it with actual frame geometry to assure a flawless finished product.

Of course, not all riders require full custom geometry, and that’s why Parlee's line also includes an array of stock and Flex Fit models. No matter the case, we’ll work with you to build the perfect bike.

Custom Feel 
Consider the adjectives that describe a bike: stiff, smooth, comfortable, responsive, stable. Each is subjective, resulting from that bike’s tube diameter, tube length, fiber composition, fiber orientation and angular permutations. Understanding the delicate dance of these variable characteristics is knowledge only attained through years of hands-on observation.
For more than a decade, Parlee has collected and disseminated data from a broad spectrum of riders. In turn, this information allows them to precisely tune each bike to each rider’s individual needs.

NOTE: All tube sets are custom blended (at no extra charge) on Z-Series bicycles to perfectly meet each riders needs.
Custom Details 
Parlee can customize a vast range of fittings and interfaces. Options include English bottom bracket threading, or Parlee's open standard Press-Fit 30 designs. Parlee can also modify cable stop placement, route Di2 or EPS internally, build eTap frames with no drillings and add eyelets, pump pegs and bottle mounts. Racks, fenders, power meter sensors and other mounts are all options. Frames can be outfitted for our standard 31.6mm seat posts, the retro 27.2 sizing and a variety of integrated seat posts.

Custom Look 
Parlee’s unique build-to-order process includes full customization of the finish process. Choose your paint scheme and color, then select from a broad array of decal choices and panel themes. The only limitation is your imagination. We can work with you to create a unique and eye-catching design.

Pinarello MyWAY

Pinarello MyWAY 

Begin with any of Pinarello's 13 frame sizes and complete you frame up build with your chosen parts and components. Then get creative with Pinarello MyWAY paint options and make your DOGMA F12 one of a kind. Are you ready to unleash your imagination?

Uniquely Moots

Each Moots bike is meticulously fashioned out of premium US-made titanium tubing, allowing every bike to be designed to the specific needs of the frame style and individual rider. Moots purposeful design philosophy, knowledge of the unique characteristics of titanium, and relentless focus on craftsmanship come together in the creation of true lifetime bikes—whether your preference is asphalt, dirt or both.

Custom Fit
Although Moots builds many stock sizes to fit the majority of men and women, when custom fitting and sizing is needed the ideal fit is very simple to achieve. And proper fit is key to the best riding bike.

Tuned Ride
Tuning the ride of a bike for the purpose for which it is designed requires the right materials selection and years of experience. Our Pi Tech tube sets utilize 30 different tube dimensions depending on purpose and size. We stock 3 wall thicknesses to optimize durability, weight and stiffness. Each model’s geometry and tubing are selected for optimal handling and feel to every bike we make.

Moots Select Builds
Moots Select Builds provide a quicker delivery when choosing one of Moots curated build kits. The Moots Select Builds  come standard with an etched finish but can be upgraded to a full array of finish options including our Signature Series anodized logos and patterns using a process that etches the logos onto the frame instead of decals would be used. This finish offers you a subtle way of showing your Moots pride, with an artistic feel that is as durable as it is gorgeous.

Trek Project One

Trek Project One

Design every detail of your dream ride, then let Trek Project One bring your vision to life.

When you ride your Project One, you’ll be riding something created by hand by a person who wanted to astonish you, who cared deeply about your vision, and who was the only one on Earth who loved your bike before you did.

Choose your parts
You can spec every detail of your Trek Project One to your liking, from wheelset and group to saddle and cable housing, or choose one of Trek's preconfigured combinations.

Project One Ultimate
The parameters of Project One Ultimate are simple: there aren’t any. If you can dream it, Trek can make it reality—even if that means developing a new paint specifically for your design. Project One Ultimate is Trek's way to say “yes” to everything. The options are truly unlimited.

Project One ICON
Project One ICON is a collection of premium paint schemes that represent the highest level in artistry in custom bicycles. These bespoke designs are about more than colors that stand out: they’re filled with texture, depth, and mood. Each ICON showcases a mastery of brush and paint and reflects the passion the most experienced Project One artists bring to their craft.

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