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Selle Italia Saddle Fit Program

Big Ring Cycles - Selle Italia Saddle Fit Program

Anyone who has spent much time in the saddle knows how crucial a properly fitting saddle is. 

The innovative idmatch measuring system by Selle Italia helps you discover the perfect saddle with a four stage examination that first looks at experience and riding style, then our specialists take specific measurements to determine the ideal fit. Using the idmatch Smart Caliper, a kind of sophisticated pelvic gauge with an internal algorithm, the experts at Big Ring Cycles measure the distance between the head of each femur, thigh diameter and the inclination/rotation of the pelvis. The correct width of the seat area is determined by the width of the pelvis or the distance between the seat bones while the width of the saddle nose is determined by the circumference of your thighs. Whether the saddle should have a recess in the perineal area depends on how much the pelvis rotates forwards. 

An algorithm calculates the perfect saddle for your body shape. Padding variations based on your riding style practically makes your Selle Italia a “made-to-measure” saddle!