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Shimano Di2 Firmware Updates & Repairs

Big Ring Cycles - Shimano Di2 Service

Any bike with a Shimano Di2 Group set should have periodic firmware updates carried out by a Shimano trained technician to keep them working at their best. Up-to-date firmware is critical to ensure you are getting everything a Di2 group set has to offer in terms of battery life and shifting efficiency.

Our Di2 software can be used for error diagnostics to detect a fault, error or break in the electrical circuit of the drivetrain. Crashes or falls can damage components and our diagnostic software can pinpoint the components at fault, making for a quick repair. 

We can also customize Di2 set-ups to enable you to change shift button operation, speed of shifting and multi shift option. Once we have your personalized set-up, we can save this to our system to replicate  those shifting characteristics on another bike. If a crash damages a particular component, your stored settings can be transferred across to restore your bike back to normal.