Helen Gardner
profession: GSD girl aka Gets Stuff Done Girl
career: store manager

Helen boasts the tallest saddle height of everyone in the shop. A roadie, she can be spotted flying on her Bianchi Infinito CV down Clear Creek. Although you’ll rarely catch a twang, she started in the industry in 2003 in Georgia and relocated with her wonderful 4-legged companion Brucey to Colorado in 2017 to manage Big Ring Cycles.

David Bell
profession: anti-gravity specialist
career: sales manager

David’s parents never sprang for training wheels so he discovered early on that if you just ride fast enough, you won’t fall as often. Still in love with speed, these days he can be found blasting up and down Chimney Gulch or any other steep mountain bike trail. A bike shop guy since 2011, David will take to the road “when I have to.”

Nate Madigan
profession: mechanical wizardry
career: service manager

A mechanical guru, Nate was gifted his first set of screwdrivers in kindergarten after a botched repair job of the family television remote. He has applied these, along with few more tools and an engineering degree, to making bikes faster, better, and stronger.

Seth Wolins
profession: employer of those who value fun over fortune
career: owner, enthusiast, philanthropist

Seth learned how to fix more than a flat when he worked in bike shops as a kid in Ames, Iowa and as support staff for the Raleigh Levis Pro Racing Team. As a grown-up, he juggled a Fortune 500 career and way too much global travel with weekend road races. A survivor of countless mergers and acquisitions, he finally escaped and became owner of Big Ring Cycles in 2016.

Peter Darragh
profession: photographer to the stars
career: sales professional

Peter is a total roadie except when he’s bikepacking to a remote location with loads of camera gear for some spectacular night photography. Working in the bike industry since 2010, Peter boasts the longest tenure with Big Ring yet is the youngest in the shop.

Troy Walling
profession: gravel guru
career: service technician

Troy loves his Principia frame, red wine and long climbs, although not all in combination. After running out of hills in Michigan, he migrated to Colorado for the adventure and biking. Troy likes to play in the dirt and gravel grinds on Colorado’s endless backcountry roads and trails. “The edge is where the fun is at.”



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