Seth Wolins
profession: employer of those who value fun over fortune
career: owner, enthusiast, philanthropist

Seth learned how to fix more than a flat when he worked in bike shops as a kid in Ames, Iowa and as support staff for the Raleigh Levis Pro Racing Team. As a grown-up, he juggled a Fortune 500 career and way too much global travel with weekend road races. A survivor of countless mergers and acquisitions, he finally escaped and became owner of Big Ring Cycles in 2016.

Nate Madigan
profession: mechanical wizardry
career: service manager

A mechanical guru, Nate was gifted his first set of screwdrivers in kindergarten after a botched repair job of the family television remote. He has applied these, along with few more tools and an engineering degree, to making bikes faster, better, and stronger.

Caley Young
profession: dirt warrior
career: sales professional

Caley grew up playing in the dirt and it’s still a favorite pastime. He cut his teeth racing BMX, moved on to ironman and xterra and has the aches and pains to prove it. Wiser but still up for adventure, Caley enthusiastically herds racers in the Colorado High School Cycling League in his spare time.

Peter Darragh
profession: photographer to the stars
career: sales professional

Peter is a total roadie except when he’s bikepacking to a remote location with loads of camera gear for some spectacular night photography. Working in the bike industry since 2010, Peter boasts the longest tenure with Big Ring yet is the youngest in the shop.

Jeremy Coleman
profession: complicated bike expert
career: service technician

Jeremy cut his teeth in the bike world ruining his father’s tools on his friends’ BMX bikes. Decades later, he’s an expert at wheel building
and our Complicated Bike Expert. In his leisure time, you can find him in the mountains denting rims and demolishing tubulars.

Jonathan Witt
profession: officer thor
career: service technician

The shop’s power-lifter, Jonathan is the biggest dude in the Big Ring universe. He began shredding mountains on both a bike and a snowboard. Being big and fast on a bike meant things broke often and Jonathan quickly learned repair skills. Due to his forays as a resort operator, police officer and banker, he brings a unique perspective to the service department.

Tom Moore
profession: all things metal
career: service technician

A 100% Grade A trail rider, Tom has never owned a road bike and has no intention of ever cruising pavement. During college in Northern Arizona, he discovered his inner crazy and the rush of downhill and freeride tricks, jumps and technical feats. He is passionate about loud music and handmade American bikes crafted from metal but never turning to the darkside of carbon fiber.

Aaron Elam
profession: bike peddler
career: sales professional

Aaron has always been all about bikes (with the exception of a few months spent with some beautiful angels). A BMX kid, by high school he was turning a wrench at the local bike shop. After college he returned to the bike biz and won his first race. He decided to remain undefeated and now racks up the miles on his road bike and commuting.