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With over 100 years of combined bike experience (yikes!), our expert staff can help you select the right bike and keep it performing at its peak.

Seth Wolins
profession: employer of those who value fun over fortune
career: owner, enthusiast, philanthropist

Seth learned how to fix more than a flat when he worked in bike shops as a kid in Ames, Iowa and as support staff for the Raleigh Levis Pro Racing Team. As a grown-up, he juggled a Fortune 500 career and way too much global travel with weekend road races. A survivor of countless mergers and acquisitions, he finally escaped and became owner of Big Ring Cycles in 2016.

Paul Denney

career: service manager

We're working on Paul's awesome bio...

Aaron Elam
profession: bike peddler
career: sales professional

Aaron has always been all about bikes (with the exception of a few months spent with some beautiful angels). A BMX kid, by high school he was turning a wrench at the local bike shop. After college he returned to the bike biz and won his first race. He decided to remain undefeated and now racks up the miles on his road bike and commuting.

Phil Dixon
profession: champ emeritus
career: service technician

Born and raised in Florida, Phil learned to work on boutique road bikes in between gator wrestling matches. Tired of racing road bikes on the flats, Phil moved to Colorado in search of mountains and gravel roads.

Scott Bennett
profession: two wheel wizard
career: sales professional

Scott grew up in North Carolina ripping around neighborhoods on his red Schwinn stingray and learned all mountain biking had to offer before suspension was a norm. Riding was a escape from strict parents and he never looked back. Scott still loves the solitude of the open road or mountain trail and hasn’t owned a car in more than 20 years.

Marcus Betts 
career: service technician

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