Thursday Night Group Road Rides

Thursday Night Group Road Rides

Every Thursday from March 15th to November 1, we will have two road rides heading out from the shop: 1) a training ride with riders regrouping after major climbs and 2) a no-drop rec ride geared for ALL abilities. Routes for all rides are below. Each ride will have a leader and a sweeper. You don't need to register and there are no fees - just come ride with other people who love cycling!

Wheels down for both rides at 6:00pm sharp.

Because we want everyone to enjoy these rides, we’d like to avoid riding in pouring rain, thunderstorms or high winds. If the ride is going to be canceled due to weather, we will post on our Facebook page by 2:00pm

We have a few simple requirements:
• Helmet
• Rear safety light
• Every rider will need to sign a waiver once for the season

Training Ride info
There are two training ride routes which will alternate.
Training rides will regroup at the top of climbs.

Training Ride route 1

BRC to Lookout, can go further if people want!
12.4 Miles
1663 feet of climbing

Rec Ride info
Meet your fellow cyclists on this is a fun, conversational, no-rider-left-behind ride.

Rec Ride route 1
BRC to West Lake and back
10.6 miles
517 ft of climbing

Rec Ride route 2
BRC to Arvada Reservoir and back
16.8 miles
884 feet of climbing

Any questions, please email

Interested in leading or sweeping a ride? Find more info here.