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There's usually a lot going on at Big Ring...

However, we have canceled April and May activities including our group rides due to COVID-19 and will be assessing our summer calendar as those dates draw closer.

February 16: Roadside Emergency Repairs Class

February 23: Staunton Blizzard: The Third Annual Front Range Fat Bike Race

February 23: Trailside Emergency Repairs Class

March 1:  Basic At Home Maintenance Class

March 5: Trailside First Aid Class

March: Weekly group road rides begin

NOTE: Group rides are currently suspended due to COVID-19 concerns. 

June 13: Everything e-bike

June 15-19: The Second Annual Golden Challenge

June 24: Ride to Work Day After-work Party Station

June-July: Tour de France Celebration

August 2: Ride Like a Girl: The Fourth Annual Colorado Women's Ride Day

November TBD: Guy's Night