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CeramicSpeed PF30 for Shimano MTB

CeramicSpeed PF30 for Shimano MTB
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The PF30 standard has opened design possibilities for mountain bikes. Our CeramicSpeed PF30 Shimano MTB Bottom Bracket gives you the ability to install Shimano and other 24mm diameter spindle cranks on your PF30 MTB.

The system feature two cups with CeramicSpeed Bearings installed. There is both a Standard and Coated version. Both feature super smooth CeramicSpeed Balls and hardened-steel races. The CeramicSpeed Coated Bearings have an additional benefit: a 3-micron thick metallic layer over the races. This addition makes the races harder and smoother, lowering drag and increasing life.

In The Box:
• 1 bottom bracket with CeramicSpeed bearings installed.
• 2 dust covers.
• 5 0.85mm spacers
• 10ml syringe of LongLife Grease.
• Sticker sheet.